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tv   Nightline  ABC  June 8, 2013 12:35am-1:06am PDT

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the world is waiting it's my turn to stand out in the crowd ♪ ♪ they can't stop me now the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ the world is waiting it's my turn to stand out in the crowd they can't stop me now ♪ ♪ the tide is turning i'm gonna make you proud i'm gonna make you proud i'm gonna make you proud ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i want to thank edie falco. i want to apologize to matt damon. we ran out of time. tomorrow night robert downey jr., simon pegg, music from goo goo dolls. his album "time" is out now. playing us off the air with "brighton beach," once again, rod stewart, good night.
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♪ ♪ i remember when you were only seventeen you were the finest girl that my eyes had ever seen ♪ ♪ i guess you found it hard to simply just ignore this scruffy beat-up ♪ ♪ working-class teenage troubadour ♪ ♪ so we fell in love and i toured your heart with my out of tune guitar ♪
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tonight on "nightline," most eligible bachelor with an olympic physique and a gaze that melts hearts, david gandy may be the most famous male model in the world. but tonight, he tells us why success isn't as simple as looking good. she's a billionaire. and one of the most powerful executives in the world. what share rocheryl is doing to young women in her revolution. and american mayhem, a scene of chaos unfolds around santa monica college. >> when i heard about six or seven shots. >> gunshots after that. >> i was in panic mode. >> tonight, a gunman is dead after storming the campus, but did he act alone. we've got the latest.
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. hello, everyone. if someone asked you to name three supermodels, you probably wouldn't have a problem rattling off the names of some gorgeous women. but what about a guy? the number of men who have made it into their boxing briefs is less than noteworthy, let's say. david gandy is looking to change all that. >> reporter: his face and body are everywhere. he withorks the runway just as l as those lucky jeans.
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you may not know his name, but you can't miss that face. and, well, everything else. david gandy is arguably the most successful male supermodel ever. >> you now have the title, richest male model in the world. >> something like that. these accolades -- >> reporter: it's a nice superlative to have. at 32 with his athletic build and smoldering glances, gandy is indeed at the top of the game in an industry where female fashion models lead the way. >> how does that compare in terms of what the women at your level are paid? >> you can't even compare it. it's a very small percentage. >> reporter: for male models, obtaining supermodel status has been challenging. >> to be a female supermodel or model, they get played an incredible amount of money and
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people know their names. guys do well, but they never say they're models. >> reporter: why? >> i don't know. probably "zoolander." >> ah, yes. that zoolander. >> well, i guess the look i'm best known for is blue steel. >> starring ben stiller as a dim, vain, self-centered male model. >> i can't help but love that movie. >> reporter: but it's no joke that the men's fashion industry rakes in more than $400 billion worldwide, and is growing. and gandy has changed the perception of male models, breaking those cliches and pushing through stereotypes, ever sips a friend entered him in a modeling competition he later one. >> what were your expectations when you went into that show? >> i didn't have any. i won the competition. i thought it could be fun. it was an adventure. >> reporter: with his masculine physique, it was difficult for
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gandy at first. he started doing cat lock shoots at a time when even male models were expected to be ultra thin. almost feni. >> i bucked the trends. everyone was saying you need to be skinny, you need to be skinny. i said well, i'm not a skinny guy. >> reporter: but that manly physique is what set him apart. and in 2006, dulce took a chance. they featured gandy wearing the barest of bathing suits. millions of people saw him in those tiny white trunks. the ad brought him icon status in the modeling world. >> i have a personally love of that picture. it changed my life. it changed the industry. and that's not an easy thing to do. >> today, gangy can pick and choose his assignments. he's dabbled in film. and created style and fitness apps, carefully managing his image, his bread, as he calls
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it. you want to have power? like a brando kind of -- we caught up with gandy at a cover shoot in new york city. for vogue hombre's latest issue. >> are you talking about the hair? it should look slicker, is that what you said? you feel it's too puffy? >> at this stage his career, he knows what works and what doesn't and has the power and clout to call the shots. he disappears to have his hair redone. >> reporter: we had a hair issue? >> not an issue. i know how i like my hair. >> you have a brand and that you are in control of it. and that's a big part of making sure that your career goes in the direction you want to. >> that's exactly it. >> his successes him on the road constantly. >> i've been to l.a. three times, new york four times. milan, and london.
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>> hard to have a personal life it sounds like. >> a little bit, yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: yes. that's right. the world's most successful male model is single. what is it like in terms of relationships within the fashion world? do you make a point not to date other models? how do you balance that? >> there's two thoughts. there's a big tug boat and 20 italians fishing behind you, but it's not romantic. a model understands that. so i don't know. >> reporter: you haven't figured it out yet. >> i don't know the answer. if anyone's got the answers, then please send tome this me, that would be great. >> reporter: at an age when most models have retired, gandy is hitting his stride and looking for the next opportunity. >> you get bored easily. we've always pushed it. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm amy rohbach in new york. >> well, next up, she is one of
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this is the age of taking action.
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>> they say you can't have it all, but cheryl sandberg comes close. the director of diz niece parent company is the highly respected chief operating officer of facebook, putting her net worth in the billions. she's also happily married with two young children, and yet she
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wants even more. specifically she wants women to join her in the professional stratosphe stratosphe stratosphere. we welcome our chief business and economic correspondent. >> reporter: she's perhaps the best known businesswoman in america. the billionaire coo of facebook, an evangelist of empowerment. >> believing you can do something is the first and necessary step to doing it. >> reporter: the best selling author of "lean in" but the message she delivered today to a group of two dozen high schoolgirls was -- it's okay to be afraid. >> the goal is not to be the most liked. we probably don't want to be the most hated either. >> of we caught up with her at seqoia high school. >> i'm not really that confident in myself. so when i get these opportunity, it's overwhelming in a good way, but i do get nervous. >> some parts i felt was, like, the messages and advice she was giving was really strong.
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so i marked it and i wrote in the book. >> sandberg wants young women to know that success can be measured in many ways. for you personally, would you call yourself successful right now? >> i wrote a whole book saying that women need to be comfortable with success. and i still feel uncomfortable calling myself successful. >> you can't call yourself successful? >> well, i have to because i wrote a book telling women to. if we're going to change the status quo, we're going to have to get more comfortable. >> so can you say it i'm a huge success? >> i'm leaning in and own my success, but also help women out there own theirs. >> reporter: today, it's these young grads, whether in the girls room or at an early morning meeting, they flock to her. >> i was wondering, a couple of times you mentioned feminism. and i was wondering, like, before i read this book. i had a negative association about the word.
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what does it mean to you and how do you think we can kind of take away the negative associations. >> if you had asked me if i'm a feminist five years ago, i'm not sure i would have said yes. and certainly ten years ago, i would have said no. >> reporter: it's a movement that began with this moment. >> if you work for some guy who you used to losit next to and h should be working for you, you feel undervalued. >> reporter: she ignored the doubt she had to speak out for women and a new movement was born. >> success is every single woman out there feeling fully empowered and having the tools to dream any dream and know she can make it come true. i really believe things will change, particularly with this generation, which i believe can be the lean in generation. we call our little girl bossy. >> reporter: she asked the girls to raise their hand if they've ever been called bossy. >> i call myself bossy. >> my mom always said don't
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dictate, don't be overpowering. but as i got older, i kind of understood the difference between being bossy and just voicing my opinion. >> if i ask senior women, raise your hand if you're called bossy as a child, almost all the hands go up. we just don't call boys bossy because of the stereotypes. >> reporter: she wants to stop the sigma that make girls and women demure and by boys and men leaders. >> this tight rope you're talking about, you want to be assertive and a leader but as a girl you also have to be nice is basically a line men don't have to cross. >> sandberg's message to women is to demand what they want. what else does she want? >> i feel like i'm right where i want to be, doing something i really believe in. >> reporter: there is speculation that sandberg could be positioning herself for another role. is that a possibility? >> no, i'm not running for office. >> reporter: you're not? >> this is all the leaning i can do. >> reporter: and her biggest piece of advice to today's
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graduates -- >> ask yourselves what would you do if you weren't afraid. then lean in and go do it. congratulations. even if the answer is this -- >> i would compete with cheryl sandberg for her job. >> bring it on. >> reporter: for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in redwood city, california. >> lean in. excellent advice. thanks. next up, we're going to turn to breaking news. there's chaos tonight in california as a gunman storms santa monica college. we'll have the latest for you. [ stewart ] this is the kind of food i love to cook.
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breaking news now. tonight, a startling story out of california in the aftermath of a gunman's rampage around santa monica college this afternoon. the shooter is dead and police are trying to determine if anyone else aided him in the planning of this massacre. here tonight with more on the story, john? >> just a short while ago, authorities have now downgraded the death toll saying five are dead, four victims and the shooter. one person went to the hospital in critical condition.
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authorities say that person may not make it. now, police made sure to emphasize, this was not a school shooting. saying this started blocks away from the campus. authorities say just before noon on friday, a home on fire, finding two people dead inside. that's when they saw the suspect flee the scene, then carjack a woman, spraying bullets in residential treats, finally making his way here on campus of santa monica college. that's when police say they encountered the suspect. a gun fight ensued before they finally killed him. in all, they say nine crime scenes around this neighborhood. but at this point, terry, authorities don't know why this gunman started opening fire. >> thanks for that report, john. and now we will turn the page to life in the desert, which is a constant battle for survival. tonight, we're introduced to a few species that developed stunning adaptation for living in some of the wild west's most ferocious terrain.
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>> reporter: the blistering hot, bone dry desert. a legendary land where life is brutal. the survivors have to be tough. >> it's a pioneer environment. things that live in the desert have to do special things really to survive in that kind of climate. >> reporter: it's kill or be killed in this wild west where predators and pray alike are equipped for the fight. >> all of these things are smarter than you think. and their behavior is modified by local conditions. some things run away, some things do their best to hide. but there's always a failure rate. >> reporter: the desert's fiercest predator just may be the gila monster. two feet long, packed with neurotoxic venom, this beast needs to feast. >> gh ila monsters will eat anything that goes down their mouth. any lizard, any snake, anything
1:03 am
that they can eat, they're going to eat. >> reporter: and when they fight each other, the brawls can drag on for hours. what they lack in speed, they make up for instamina. thick skin makes them immune to each other's venom. the key to victory and survival is to be on top. for another of the wild west's most dangerous predators, being on top is not as important as being the tallest. it is a rattlesnake combat standoff. >> they basically got their bodies to push each other around clumsily, which results in this kind of intertwining. >> the banished loser, now vulnerable to baking to death in the desert sun. some hunters wait for the cool of night fall. long before dinosaurs, these sand scorpions have an incredible natural arsenal. their skeleton channels air sof
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sand blows over it and doesn't get stuck. and nearly 1/3 of his scorpion's diet is other corp i don't knows. this cannibal's toxic venom even works on its closest relatives. >> it's very rare to see animals fighting in such a way within a species that's going to kill something. >> reporter: there is no room for the weak in the unforgiving west where adaptation mean the chance at survival. for "nightline," i'm tonya rivero in new york. and the three part special "the wild west" begins thursday june 13 on nat geo wild. now three of the biggest stories on tonight's edition of "feed frenzy." there's nothing better than a bowl full of pop culture.
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airplane orchestra. picture this, you're stuck on a beijing runway going on hour three of a flight delay. and all of a sudden, an orchestra that just happens to be on the flight begins playing music to pass the time. it sounds wonderful if you're a lover of string quartets and maybe not so great if you' been on a runway for three hours and want peace and quiet. no daddy. if you watched this year's super bowl, you probably remember this go daddy ad. here's a nerd legend smooching a supermodel. he may have let that brush with beauty go to his head. case in point, i'm in a scene here trying to replicate his famous tv moment with aless than willing perities pant, "twilight" actress. maybe he needs to stick to supermodels.


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